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Books – Patriarch Ministries

Healing the Sorrowful Heart

By Patti Brunner. Healing the Sorrowful Heart will comfort you as you grieve. Healing the Sorrowful Heart contains a selection of scriptures and meditations that connect to the unresolved thoughts and questions in our hearts during times of sorrow. Includes personal testimony and spiritual exercises that can bring healing. Allow the consoling words of the Lord and the experienced words of Catholic Christian Patti Brunner to comfort you in your sorrow. Allow the Lord to heal your broken heart. Cost $4.  To order book see mail order form.

Lenten Logos

By Patti Brunner. Lenten Logos is a 7-week small group study perfect for Lent. Utilizes Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the author’s Spirit-filled journals. This easy to use Catholic group study contains thought provoking Lenten themes such as The Cross, The Effect of Sin, Choosing Repentance and Divine Mercy presented under a fresh anointing by the author of Advent Pearls. Each lesson of Lenten Logos will draw you into God’s presence as the Word of God speaks to you with the clarity of contemplative prayer. A study written especially for Catholics, each chapter contains quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the New American Bible. Study group questions listed in Lenten Logos encourage spiritual growth by tapping into daily life to recognize the witness of God’s love. Answer guide included. Facilitator suggestions make leading a group easy!  Cost $15.  To order book see mail order form. Or to purchase an e-book, available on Amazon purchase Ebook

Advent Pearls

By Patti Brunner. Meditations with seasonal scripture quotes. Advent Pearls contains a special message for each reader—Spirit-filled Words of the Lord given to Patti Brunner, directed to be written in a journal and chosen to be shared, not just as God’s word to her, but as God’s word to those who seek his presence and long to hear his voice. The bible meditations are taken from the Catholic liturgical daily scripture readings and affirm that scripture is personal communication from God to his people. As you read both communications, the Advent Mass readings and Patti Brunner’s spiritual journal, you will recognize God’s voice as he speaks to you, to encourage you and to tell you how much He loves you. Advent Pearls is designed for private meditation during the four weeks before Christmas but any moment in time is good to prepare for the Lord to come into your heart.  Cost $6.00.  To order book see mail order form.

Fresh Anointing


Fresh Anointing

By Patti Brunner. Introduction to the Gifts of the Spirit. Are you searching for answers to such questions as: “Do people really pray in tongues?” “Does God really talk to us?” “How can I receive the gift of Healing?” One of the great spiritual developments of our time has been the rediscovery of the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives and the fullness of Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Patti Brunner has written a primer, Fresh Anointing, for the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. Fresh Anointing introduces you to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit promised by scripture such as praying in tongues, interpretation of tongues, healing, miracles, faith and words of wisdom and of knowledge.  Cost $6. To order book see mail order form.

Other Writings and Recordings by Patti Brunner:

Advent Reflections–A Mini-Advent Retreat live on CD $7

Broadening the Path Toward Jesus - 7-week study using witness talks and small group discussion  $16

Living Seasons of Change

Living Seasons of Change - Monthly Radio Broadcast     Audio CD Cost $5 each.  (Please write in title on book form order book.) Please note that letter following number indicates the liturgical cycle from which the readings are taken: A, B, or C.  Choose from:

LSC-102A Season of Waiting (Advent)

LSC-102B Season of Preparation (Advent)

LSC-102C Season of Holiness (Advent)

LSC-103A Season of Foundation (Epiphany)

LSC-103B Season of New Beginning (Epiphany)

LSC-103C Season of Manifestation (Epiphany)

LSC-104B Season of Traveling with Jesus (Weeks 4-7 Ordinary)

LSC-104C Season of Sharing (Weeks 3-7 Ordinary)

LSC-105A Season of Hope (Lent)

LSC-105B Season of Cross Purposes (Lent)

LSC-105C Season of Repentance (Lent)

LSC-106A Season of Salvation (Holy Week, Easter)

LSC-106B Season of Witness (Holy Week, Easter)

LSC-106A-2 Season of More (Easter)

LSC-106C Season of Joy & Life (Easter)

LSC-107B Season of Power (Ascension & Pentecost)

LSC-107A Season of Glory (Pentecost & Trinity)

LSC-107C Season of the Spirit (Pentecost)

LSC-108A Season of Apostleship (Weeks 9-12 Ordinary)

LSC-108B Season of Signs (Trinity, Body & Blood, 12-13 Ordinary)

LSC-108C Season of Solemnities (Trinity)

LSC-109A Season of Discovery (Weeks 14-17 Ordinary)

LSC-109B Season of Patterns (Weeks  14-17 Ordinary)

LSC-109C Season of Journey (Weeks 13-17 Ordinary)

LSC-110A Season of Following Jesus (Weeks 18-22 Ordinary)

LSC-110B Season of Living Bread (Weeks 18-21 Ordinary)

LSC-110C Season of Treasure (Weeks 18-21 Ordinary)

LSC-111A Season of Agreement (Weeks 23-26 Ordinary)

LSC-111B Season of Mark of the Disciple (Weeks 22-26 Ordinary)

LSC-111C Season of Acceptance (Weeks 22-26 Ordinary)

LSC-112A Season of Greatest Commandment (Weeks 27-30 Ord)

LSC-112B Season of Vocation (Weeks 27-30 Ordinary)

LSC-112C Season of Faith (Weeks 27-30 Ordinary)

LSC-113A Season of Time (All Saints-Christ the King)

LSC-113B Season of Forever (All Saints-Christ the King)

LSC-113C Season of the Kingdom (All Saints-Christ the King)

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones - Simple 9-week Catholic group bible study introducing “hands on” use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Scripture. $7   Leader’s guide. $17

Mail Order Form (pdf format): order book

Other fine books offered by Cornelius’ House:

Patriarch Ministries recommends author Dennis Holt.  Use Cornelius’ House link for purchase and detail.

The Anakim—A Novel

The Covenant

Handbook To Heaven-Reclaiming the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God

Living a Life in the Spirit Manual—7-Week Course

The Living Presence Why the Eucharist is Alive

Manitou—A Novel

The Principality—A Novel

All books are available from:

Cornelius’ House Ministries www.corneliushouse.com

3115 Pyburn Extended, Pocahontas, Arkansas 7245