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About – Patriarch Ministries

Patriarch Ministries

A Catholic lay ministry that seeks to encourage Catholic Christians to embrace the fullness of faith given by the Holy Spirit using media. It began in January 2005. As the Holy Spirit teaches us all things (1 John 2:27) we in turn share our gifts of Christian understanding and God’s love with others. Grounded on the teachings of the Catholic Church, the evangelizing ministry of Patriarch Ministries reaches out to share the Good News in media including books, radio, internet, and public appearances.

Patriarch House

Truth of the Spirit This ministry provides a meeting space for Life in the Spirit Series and Adult Formation including small group bible studies without cost. The Patriarch House was dedicated October 14, 2011.   Learn more >  


PodcastYouTube Channel and Blogs
First podcast in January 2018, Truth of the Spirit provides Spirit-filled Catholic teaching for everyday life and encourages healing to be able to live an abundant life in the Spirit. Also available in an YouTube Channel this media hopes to reach out to the electronic generations of Catholics and all seekers of the grace of God. It is sponsored by the Padua Podcast Network Padua Media provides a Catholic Radio Station in Rogers AR. For more details about the each episode see Browse Summaries


Catholic Through and Through With grace and boldness from the Holy Spirit, Patti Brunner has stepped forward to teach, write and minister as a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish in Rogers since moving there in 1985, in 2009 they funded the building and operation of a Catholic high school in Haiti. She and her husband, Rick, established Patriarch House in 2011 which provides space for various bible studies and other Catholic adult spiritual formation.

She joined the Padua Media Podcast Network in 2018; her show “Truth of the Spirit” is available on various sites including ITunes, Listennotes, and YouTube. A radio host since 2009 of “Living Seasons of Change” with co-host Msgr. David LeSieur, for the local Catholic radio KDUA, their shows are now available online [Padua Media Catholic Radio].

She is an active leader of the Life in the Spirit Team and member of the SVdP Healing Prayer Team and the Diocese of Little Rock Charismatic Renewal [http://www.arkcc.org/]. Member of the formation team of St. Andrew School of Evangelization sponsored by the Diocese of Little Rock she also serves the local parish in various ministries.  More information about the St. Andrew School of Evangelism is available at


The Brunners grew up and were married in St. Paul Catholic Church in Pocahontas, AR. She graduated from Arkansas Tech and is a former CPA.